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Shenanigans' highly qualified staff works together with your family to meet your child's unique needs. We do so organically through safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate practices. 

~Testimony ~

We searched long and hard to find the perfect caregiver for our son. We try to give him organic as much as possible and we value education. We chose Britany after picking only 4 caregivers to interview out of a few hundred in our area. The others that were interviewed simply paled in comparison.  The care provider prior to Britany took care of our son sufficiently,  but we were looking for more. Children learn so much in these early years that we knew we needed to find someone that provided him with the same learning environment that we have at home. A few of our requirements were a place with children his age and a low child to caregiver ratio. Providing organic care was simply a plus.
 She gives me daily updates, sends me pictures, and talks to me about how his day was every time I pick him up. She has been a great communicator . My son loves it there so much that he gets excited when I tell him where we are going in the morning.  She does so many educational activities that his knowledge has flourished under her care. She is great with all the children. I can't imagine how she does it all.
We love that her home is tailored to our little ones needs and provides him with new learning experiences at every turn. She works well with our sons needs and works with us through his toddler idiosyncrasies. I am in awe of the personal attention she is able to give to our little one.
  I would give her 10 stars if I could and I have found every resource where I can submit a review to tell people how excited we are we found her. I think now about a couple of bad reviews I had seen prior to deciding to use her and find myself upset. If I would have taken to heart those ratings I wouldn't have found such wonderful care for my son.

-Erica (Jonah's Mom) 
James has been with Britany since he was 14 months old.  Britany's Child Care caught my eye when I posted an ad for a weekend sitter, but James had been with his previous sitter since he was 3 months old so there was some loyalty and security there. I had been casually looking for a new place shared my beliefs when it came to food, care and learning. I was very interested in Shenanigans but worried about moving him to a new daycare at 14 months because of separation anxiety. Several sites recommended against it, but I wasn't completely happy with our other sitter.   I have always looked for the best way to raise my child, and "good enough care" just wasn't cutting it.

Shenanigans ultimately won me over with their organic approach, homemade food, age appropriate daily activities, schedule tailored to the little guys, and beautiful classroom.  Britany's calm manner completely put me as ease when we met her the first time. So we signed up!

The best choice I could have made was moving him to Shenanigans. Britany is so wonderful with James that the separation anxiety I worried about wasn't even an issue.  He gets to eat the most amazing homemade food, that's good for his little body, and tailored to his food allergies.  He comes home with beautiful art projects that he has made, smells like sunshine and always has a big smile on his face.  I love the daily reports she writes and the lesson plans and menus I get via email.  I feel like I didn't miss a minute of his day.  Shenanigans is also very technically savvy, and I can get updates on James via text and occasionally pictures of what he's doing through the day. James couldn't be happier. He jumps into Britany's arms every morning, and has blossomed in her care.  He's decided to start using the potty over there and sleeping on a nap mat instead of in the pack and play.  Britany works closely with him and us to make sure that he's getting consistent messages on behavior now that he's getting close to two. We couldn't be happier and I am so thankful to have Britany!

*I also wanted to add that Shenanigans is legit, and has an Employer tax ID number that I can use with my DSA so all my daycare expenses are tax deducible. Makes a big difference when we file. :)

-Carmen, James' Mom

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A good quality in-home daycare with a provider who will actually teach and play with your children. We searched high and low to find a provider who would not use the television to babysit our son. We found this in Shenanigans. Our son has gone through some of the toughest phases of being a toddler, including some physical aggression and potty training. Shenanigans' director Britany Schwoch has always been professional and used her early childhood educational background and research abilities to address these issues appropriately. We are completely comfortable with Shenanigans and recommend this daycare provider.

-Tory (Kai's Mom)
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